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Pitch and Drops of a DJ

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Love something but not war, love House music

Posted by anuvabruva on February 20, 2013 at 8:05 AM

The title means nothing, it's just there because of one those random thoughts that so often course through my mind.

So, who is Louis Clarke? Nothing more than a DJ alias, one of many I've had over the years. Zeb, Gappy Dread; two from my Rasta days as Reggae DJ. DJ REDSS; which is an amalgamation of my skin colour (Red) and my real initials(SS). Si Boogie; my mobile DJ persona, kind of cheesey maybe but I was successful and made a living. Of course these days the name is Louis Clarke or AnuvABruvA as some people have started to call me although AnuvABruvA was is the name of my online show, Louis is my middle name and Clarke is my Father's name. I no longer work with ICW an online webcast station, however, after leaving I decided to carry on with the show on BlogTV, one of the many streaming services on th web unitl I start my new show with United-Sound.

I'm been DJing on and off for nearly 34yrs now (how time flies) stopping due to family and other work commitments. I've always returned to DJing because of my love for music, mixing muisc and seeing people dance to what I'm playing. There really is no other feeling, it's like being one with the world albeit a world enclosed within the space of a dancefloor.

I got in to dance music, or should I say the Rave scene, in the early to mid 80s, the atmosphere was electrical and I was hooked. Back then it was Hardcore Techno and Jungle. It was about people coming together, but that of course was before money and ambitons took over. That was when you'd find the best places were strictly on a need to know basis where you'd drive to some layby to meet up before a convoy would drive to a secluded forest clearing filled with smoke, lasers and a ponding beat. These days it's about Super DJs with inflated ego and pay checks to match. Maybe the supersatrs are worth the high charge to some people, I'm just not one them. Give me a free party anytime where the crowd is there to dance to the music and not stand facing the DJ as he gives a "Jesus" pose. I'm not above being paid, we all have to eat, but first for me is the music.

The whole music industry, as far as dance music goes, seems to be in commercial meltdown thanks to commercialism of  the US "EDM Scene" where the DJ now does a concert not a gig. You have RnB stars jumping on the wagon and instead of making a good RnB track sing over some so called Electro beat. Why? £$£$, that's the simple answer. There is no the music and that is when music loses it's soul. People talk about fake DJ's and complain but I really have no time to concentrate on such things; when I'm not doing one of my day jobs I'm hooked up with headphones, my mixer and my decks. Like any commercial venture EDM will fade as the followers get older and the industry will move on to the next £$ scheme. but I'll still be playing House.